Saturday, February 09, 2008

In the beginning...

I finally broke down and started a blog. It is intended to complement my website, while adding commentary on each of my new drawings. I'll start off with a description of me and what I do.

I am an artist, at the moment. I have a master's degree in math, and I worked for a few years in the field at a national lab, but I'm taking some time off to start a family. My beautiful 1-year-old daughter takes most of my time, but I like to draw whenever I get the chance (like when she naps). I do plan on having at least one more child within a few years, and once they are both off to at least kindergarden, I hope to start a PhD program and get back into a technical field.

Until then, I'm trying to make my way as an artist. Slowly, I've been building up my portfolio and learning new media and techniques. I started with ink in late 2006, barely more than a year ago, and I am thrilled with the success I am having with it. I use only technical pens. Recently I started experimenting with colored pencils. Referring to only one book, I've had amazing success with that medium as well. I also like to do a little pyrography now and then, which is challenging and fun.

I have always been attracted to nature. In middle school, I was what you'd call a "tree-hugger." I wanted to save the rain forests and all the endangered animals and this and that. I've grown out of that extremism, realizing that it's not possible to save all the species. The best we can do is try to keep things from getting worse. At any rate, I still have an affinity for nature, and most of my artwork reveals that. My photographs are always of landscapes or animals, and my drawings are almost always of animals. I do like to branch out occasionally to try other subjects, but I focus on animals.

With a small child, I don't have a lot of time to devote to my artwork. I can finish a drawing quickly if I have to, but it usually takes me about two weeks. I intend to start concentrating on colored pencil and charcoal/graphite to get to a photorealistic stage. I know it will take a lot of patience and practice, and the thought of one drawing taking several months to complete is daunting, but I know I have the skill to do it if I just sit down and try. I guess if you read this blog you will get to see my progress.

In the meantime, thanks for reading, and please take a look at my website to see what I've already done.

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