Sunday, February 17, 2008

WIP - Snow Leopard Body Finished

snow leopard drawing in progress
The snow leopard is complete after only 7 hours. I thought it would take much longer to get to this point. I am going to sleep on it and look at it with fresh eyes in the morning. I find that taking time away from a drawing will give you a new perspective when you next view it, and you can catch mistakes that you otherwise would not have.

The next step will be the rock the leopard is lying on. I have not done rock before. My drawings usually consist of animals "floating" on a white background, or at best with a light shadow underneath. This project, however, is not one of my typical drawings. I want him to come to life.

I should probably add that the images I am posting of my progress are photographs, not scans. They appear much darker than the original really is.

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