Saturday, February 23, 2008

Snow Leopard is Complete!

snow leopard charcoal and graphite pencil drawing
The snow leopard is complete, after only 12 hours over the course of two weeks. I took a photo of it and converted it to grayscale, so the lighting is a little off (click image for a larger view). I'm going to have it professionally scanned next week, since my scanner won't accomodate something this size. Once that is done, I'll post a link to purchase prints. The original won't be for sale (yet) as I want to enter it into an exhibit this summer. Comments are welcome!


The Flying Trilobite said...

Wow! Only twelve hours? Your hand-eye coordination must be something! I would never play a round of snooker against you.

The pose is very interesting. All that feline power resting...but alert.

Heather M. Ward said...

Thanks! I had budgeted 30 hours, having never done anything like this before, and was also amazed at how quickly I finished.

I never got into billiards, but I used to be pretty good at archery... :)

Brian said...

Beautiful work! The Flying Trilobite directed me over here after I posted a photo I took today at the Bronx Zoo.