Saturday, July 27, 2013

Silver Belle

This horse drawing marks a few firsts for me. First, this is the first horse I have drawn since becoming a professional artist several years ago. And second, this is the first scratchboard I have used metal powder on. The bridle and chest strap appeared to be leather in the reference photo, but the pattern was so intricate I wanted to make it look silver. I scratched it down to white, then added the metal powder with water or diluted ink. In the detail photo, you can see it shine a bit on the left side (it's hard to photograph, but it looks great in person).

This scratchboard is 8"x10" and the reference photo was from user elephantear at WetCanvas. The horse is a dapple grey Andalusian, or Spanish horse.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Horse WIP

I have not drawn a horse in several years, but I found the reference photo for this drawing on WetCanvas and I couldn't resist. Normally, I draw the face first, but the mane and bridle were just so beautiful I had to do them first. This one is 8"x10".

Monday, July 01, 2013

Western Tiger Swallowtail

It's hard to believe this is the first insect I have drawn. I think the only class of vertebrates I have left is amphibians. A couple weeks ago I was near the Colorado border when I saw this beautiful butterfly fluttering around. Despite the wind, I was able to take a few good photos. These butterflies live where I live, too, but I never seem to have my camera when I see them.

This is a 5"x7" scratchboard and ink drawing. I used tattoo needles for the butterfly's wings and the fiberglass brush for the plants.