Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Slow Month for the Blog

Dawn the torbie kittenI found myself looking at the calendar recently, only to realize that it's nearly the end of July and I've only written one blog post this month. To be honest, the past few weeks have been crazy. Four weeks ago I had some kidney stones removed, which took a week to recover from. Then two weeks ago I had a slight mishap in the kitchen that resulted in seven stitches in my left hand (let me emphasize the importance of knife-handling safety). That is mostly healed, but now I have these two new furry creatures living with me. Only three months old, they require a lot of attention and supervision, especially when interacting with the two adults. Yes, I have four cats now! And you can bet there will be drawings of Dawn and Dusk pretty soon.

Dusk tortie kittenDawn and Dusk came from a shelter. They are supposedly littermates, but have been together at least through foster care. If you have never been to an animal shelter, it's a very emotional experience. If you have set out to find a new pet, it's nearly impossible not to bring one home, or more than one. In a small room with two dozen cats and kittens in tiny cages, most scrambling for attention, I wanted to take as many as I could home with me. But we had decided beforehand a pair would be best, preferably littermates. As I'm sure anyone who has adopted from a shelter will tell you, if you can, adopt from a shelter rather than paying for special breeds - cats or dogs. There are so many loving animals out there that just need a good home.


Glendon Mellow said...

The best thing about blogging is the internet is always waiting for you! Glad you're hale and healthy.

Oh and before I forget, "awwww!!"

shana said...

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Heather M. Ward said...

Thanks Glendon!

Heather M. Ward said...

Thank you, Shana. I will check it out.