Saturday, April 18, 2009

Evening Snow

Gosh, another snow leopard? I do try to vary my subjects, but snow leopards have always been my favorite wildcat. I couldn't help but do another one! So after I got some gray paper a while ago, I began to think about what to do with it, and this image almost immediately came to mind. I put it aside for a while to do other things, but after finishing the orangutan the snow leopard came back to me. I had to do it.

I like the gray paper. In a way, this is practice for that zebra drawing I talked about several months ago (yes, I still plan on doing it). I used both black and white charcoal. The only thing I didn't like at first was the heavy tooth of the paper. I layered on the white charcoal and tried to grind it into every valley with the blending stump. Then I realized tooth is not so bad. It allowed me to work faster in a looser style, and I was able to finish this drawing in only three days.

Prints are available, as well as the 18"x12" original. You can purchase the original here:

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