Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Frilled Lizard

frilled lizard drawing, frill neck lizard drawingLike I mentioned in my post on choosing a subject, you have to draw what you're in the mood to draw. So when this little guy came to mind, I knew he had to be my next drawing. Frilled lizards always make me laugh when they run, so I had a blast working on it. I kept chuckling. The frill took the longest, with layers of charcoal, blending, and kneaded erasing. My original plan was to do a full background, but I'm glad I changed my mind on that.

The original is charcoal on 11"x14" paper and took just under 9 hours. Prints are available.

Frilled lizards live in Australia. When they feel threatened, they open their frill and hiss, and if that doesn't scare off the threat, they run at it, taking the first opportunity to run up a tree and hide. With the frill flattened, they blend right in to tree bark.