Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Theory of Everything

In keeping with the theme of my work, scientific accuracy in art, I thought I'd start posting some scientific articles of interest. I get a lot of my scientific news from ScienceDaily, and found this article there this morning.

There are three parts to the current mathematical description of the universe: gravity, the electroweak force, and the strong nuclear force (the force that holds atomic nuclei together). Electroweak is the combination of three previously separate forces: electricity, magnetism, and the weak force. The goal of many physicists is to combine the remaining forces into one, called the Grand Unified Theory (GUT) or the Theory of Everything.

They are close. There are several hypotheses out there, some adding or subtracting dimensions, one saying the universe consists of invisible strings, some even predicting the existence of undetected subatomic particles. One such particle is called the Higgs boson, and "its discovery will refine the understanding of exactly how the universe came to be and how it functions, and how mass came to be in the first place." The detector to search for this particle has been built and will be ready to start operations this summer.

Be sure to check out the article, which has a great photo of the size of the detector.

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