Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rhinos on Clayboard

This is a piece of the first Claybord ink painting I have tried. I hope to give you an idea of the process I used. The photos vary somewhat in the color and amount of light. I tried to correct what I could, but there is still some variation and for that I apologize.

Here is a rhino calf. I used sepia ink and painted blocks of light and shadow areas.
Next I used a sandpaper sponge (purchased at the hardware store) to smooth out the ink.
Next, I added some detail with more sepia ink. I used the sandpaper sponge to keep things smooth and not too dark.
Here, I used a black pen to darken the eye and inside the nostril and ear. I used a small fiberglass brush to add detail highlights, such as around the eye, nose, ear, horn, and wrinkles.
More painting and sanding. I decided I didn't like the ear twisted back like in my photo, so I repainted it.
I used a diluted black ink wash to enhance some of the shadows. Here is the finished rhino.

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