Monday, February 22, 2010

WIP - Three Elephants Done...

African elephants charcoal drawing in progress
Okay, elephant number three is done, two more to go! Recently, I've been trying to do background before the animals, then foreground last. In this case, since the elephants will take up so much of the drawing, I am going to leave the background as simple as possible. And since I am working with a gray surface, I will most likely just add some simple clouds, and I'll do that before I start the foreground. Because I am right-handed, I try to work left-to-right as much as possible, although if I have to reach over a completed area it is easy to put down a clean sheet of paper to keep my sleeve off it.

I hope to have the next elephant completed by the end of the week.


paintnpencil said...

Well done, its coming along beautifully. Your shading is perfect.

Heather M. Ward said...

Thank you very much. I don't always have the best lighting for my in-progress shots, so sometimes the camera doesn't quite capture what the actual image shows. It's looking a little flat to me in places.