Thursday, March 03, 2016

A Return to Blogging

It seems it has been almost a year since I posted anything here. I keep saying, I need to update my blog! I need to write more posts! But somehow, it has not happened. This time, I am determined to get back into it routinely.

This being World Wildlife Day, I made a decision. Beginning next week, I will write a weekly post called "Wildlife Wednesday." I will write a post about some uncommon species of animal, whether or not I have actually drawn it. This will be in addition to posts about my completed work.

To get things rolling again, here are a few scratchboard drawings I completed in the past year.

"Was That You?" great grey owls, 12"x16"

"Silverback" western lowland gorilla, 14"x11"

"Sol" turkey vulture, 7"x5"

"All About Attitude" green iguana, 9"x12"

"Alone in the Universe" snow leopard, 20"x16"

"On Target" leopard, 10"x8"

"Reassurance" tiger 9"x12"

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