Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Scratchboard Iguana

I am a couple days late posting this, because I wanted to make sure this drawing was finished first. This is the most labor-intensive scratchboard I have done to date. Each scale on this iguana, with the exception of the tiny side belly scales, consists of 3-5 strokes of a straight-blade knife. Some have a very light ink wash to darken them, some have an additional stroke of a curved-blade knife for a highlight. I decided to work each area pretty much to completion before moving on.

I wanted the tail to be a bit out of focus, so I used a base layer of short tattoo needle strokes followed by the fiberglass brush using very short strokes, almost stippling.

The iguana is mostly finished here. All that remains are bringing out the spines on the back and adding the ground.

finished iguana

detail photo of shoulder area
Next week, I will demonstrate building up a drawing all together instead of in parts.

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