Friday, February 03, 2012

WIP - Mule Deer Buck

This is the start of the new mule deer woodburning. It is a small 8"x10", because I didn't think it would look right on the larger 11"x14". In fact, I have decided to save the remaining three of those I have for large animals, a tiger, a grizzly, and one other to be determined. I have nine 8"x10"s, so I'll be doing a lot more with those.

Anyway, I decided (since I still can't find a drill press) to do a study on one of these small plywood sheets. The study will be a complete pyrography in itself, but also a sort of practice for the burl slab (did I mention those slabs are not cheap?). So far, the fur has been pretty easy. I have that texture down pat, I would say. What is new for me is the antlers. That bumpy, bony texture is new to me with this medium. I'm starting by laying down a base value with the flat shader, then adding detail with the spoon shader and the writer. And I'm kind of wishing I had a very small flat shader for the smaller areas.

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