Friday, August 26, 2011


This drawing is based on my recent experience with a wildfire. The background is based on reference photographs I took of the fire the day it started and the day we were allowed back into town. While my town was spared, many houses in neighboring areas were destroyed. Wildlife were also hard-hit by this, the largest wildfire in state history. Animals are coming into town looking for food. There was a black bear on my street recently, going through garbage cans. The wildlife hospital has taken in a record number of undernourished bears, including one with burned paws. I find it very hard to live through such an ordeal and not want to capture it on paper, so here is my depiction. A mother bear and her two young cubs leaving their mountain home in search of a new forest to live in. Around here, forests are few and far between. The mother trudges on, because she must, while her cubs are scared and confused.

I will donate 25% of my sales of this drawing and prints to The Wildlife Center to help feed and rehabilitate the bears.

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