Saturday, March 06, 2010

New WIP - Mexican Wolves

Occasionally I work on more than one drawing at once, although I have found I prefer to devote all my energy to one piece at a time before moving on. In this case, I have been working on the elephants for a couple weeks and have reached the point where I'm not sure how to continue. So while I let it sit in the back of my mind and figure it out subconsciously (hopefully), I started another drawing. I really want to improve my ability with white charcoal, and this one will be the most complicated one I've done so far with three individuals and hopefully more depth.

Mexican wolves white charcoal pencil drawing in progress
I don't have a lot of reference photos of wolves, mostly because the wolves at the zoo nearby are very elusive and always either hiding or running too fast for my camera when I visit. However, I did find three photos that I am combining into this drawing. These are not the typical gray wolf, but rather a subspecies called the Mexican wolf which are usually thinner than their more northern relatives. So hopefully this will turn out well!


paintnpencil said...

Oh wow, its looking beautiful, can't wait to see the finished work of art.

Heather M. Ward said...

Thank you! The wolves are almost done now, then on to the background!