Saturday, October 10, 2009


geese charcoal painting
Okay, here is my first drawing using wet charcoal as described in a previous post. I don't know anything about watercolor, so I asked around. Watermedia do best on rough-textured cold-press paper. But I just can't give up my hot-press smooth bristol. I taped the paper to my easel all the way around to keep it from warping. I drew the geese with my usual pencils, blending stump, and paintbrush (for the very light shadows), then went in with a small round-tip paintbrush with charcoal-water mixture. Not knowing what proportions to mix, I started too light and ended up doing a few layers to make the pond darker.

By contrast, below is the drawing using only dry charcoal. I layered, erased highlights (with both a kneaded eraser and a cordless electric eraser), added lowlights, layered some more. I still didn't get the look I was after.
geese charcoal drawing

I am quite happy with this first "charcoal painting," and plan on exploring this technique more. I have the original and prints available.

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