Friday, March 27, 2009

WIP - Orangutan Update

Ok, here is my orangutan with a little hair. It's going to be a flanged male, which means he has those wide flaps on the sides of his face. Not all males have them, and the sizes varies by individual to individual. I had hoped to do a Sumatran orangutan, but the color of the conte made me change to a Bornean orangutan. Sumatrans have a more orange hair that I just could not duplicate with sepia. Borneans, on the other hand, have darker hair that is actually quite close to this sepia. I am using black charcoal on the face with a little dark sepia to warm it up, and I am also using white charcoal to add highlights to the hair. I'm going to start working on the left side a bit more, then work my way to the right to avoid smudging (you can see a little smudge already by his right eye - oops, but easily fixed). I am excited!

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