Thursday, October 16, 2008

Woodburning a Lion's Face

lioness pyrography in progressI have worked on the lioness a little today and thought I'd share my progress. In this first step, I used the ball pen to add the short nose and forehead fur by stippling. With less heat, I went over it with a light touch to add some extra shading. For the cheeks, I used the extra small round skew with light heat and short strokes. I also darkened the male's mane to bring out the female's face.

lioness pyrography in progressIn this second phase I used the ball again to add structure to the rest of the face, using mostly stippling and tight squiggles and light heat. The shadow of the ear required medium heat to achieve the dark value, and I scribbled the ear fur in.

Here is where I stand at the moment. The short chest and shoulder fur was done with the small skew on light heat following the direction of the fur. I'm going to darken the mouth a little, and probably the male's mane a little more, then I'll continue in this way with the rest of the body.

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