Monday, October 06, 2008

On the Drawing Board

I've been pretty busy lately moving my website over to my own domain name (finally!) and updating all my links to it from all the art sites I belong to, not to mention some personal things that got in the way. I haven't had much time for drawing or blogging as a result, but all that is done for now. So, since I don't like to go so long without a post, I'll just explain what's in progress.

First of all, yes I'm still working on the colored pencil coral reef drawing. It has taken a back seat of late, but I plan on increasing the time I spend on it in the next few months. I figure I'm about a third done, and the next few species to add will be branch coral (probably white), the red lionfish, and then an anemone or two.

Next, I have laid out a very large pair of zebras. I'm really excited about this one, and I wish I had more than a sketch to post of it. I found a large piece of gray matboard hiding in the back of my closet, and I am going to use both black and white charcoal.

I like to have a small drawing going, too, so I can feel some accomplishment while the larger drawings take so long. This one is in sketch phase - I still haven't finalized the pose - but it will be a pair of sand cats. Sand cats are one of the smallest species of wildcats in the world and live in the deserts of the Middle East and northern Africa.

Then I have a still-life in pause right now. I was meditating on how I could improve my drawing and this still-life flashed before me. It took a few weeks to get all the materials and set it up, and I've sketched it on the paper I'll be using, but I haven't had the motivation to start. It could be that still-lifes (still-lives?) just don't interest me, or it could be that I don't know how to start, or it could be that I'm a little nervous about treading on unfamiliar territory. But it has been started, so I'm at least going to finish it.

And finally I'm working on a series of step-by-step drawings of various animal textures in pencil and charcoal that I will put into drawing tips and tutorials and, with any luck, a book. I've done a few eyes and feet so far, and I'll be sure to put lots of types of fur in, too. I figure all the drawings should take me close to a year to finish, and then a few months to add text. It will be great practice for me, too. And yes, there will be a page for the indenting method, I just haven't done that one yet.

So I apologize for not having any photos to post, but it seems that most of my work is in the early phase of completion. Next time, definitely.

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