Wednesday, June 04, 2008

WIP Reef Update - Layout Complete

Good news, I was able to pick up some extra paper last weekend. The layout is now complete, taking two hours (not counting redrawing on the new paper). I got so into drawing the coral I almost forgot the fish! I made some minor changes to the sketch, but for the most part it looks pretty much the same. I'd love to show it, or part of it, but the layout is so light it would never show up on the computer.

I debated a bit of how to proceed from here, like left to right, top to bottom, but ultimately decided to go from foreground to background. So it'll be mostly bottom to top. Colored pencil doesn't smudge like graphite or charcoal. And I'm going to attack the giant sea clam first. As I finish each species, I'll post a closeup and description of it, and maybe some in-progress photos, too.

Well... Here goes nothing!

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