Thursday, June 19, 2008

WIP Reef - Purple Soft Coral

coral reef drawing in progress
This purple coral is the same genus as the red and white one, Dendronephthya. I forgot to mention, thanks to Poppe Images for helping me classify them. As far as I can tell, the purple is pretty much the same as the red, but the polyps are bigger, or maybe just cover more of the support matrix. I found them in the same photo as the red coral.

purple soft coral drawingThe color was pretty easy to figure out. I used lilac burnished with white for the white support matrix and various shades of purple layered with mulberry for the polyps. The purples used were violet in shadow, lilac in highlight, and parma violet in between. I used the burnish pencil for the polyps, too. The dark area behind it is warm grey 90%.

As with the leather coral, I drew in the highlights first, then the midtones, then the shadow, but this time with a circular motion. I then covered with mullberry, and the stalk came last.


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